Embrace The Oversize Trend with D-Robe

If there’s one style that comes back time after time, it is the oversized silhouette. Most recently, we’ve found that the oversized trend is now more of a form of body liberation, taking the focus off body image and shifting more towards quality, fabric, style, movement and comfort—aspects that D-Robe has incorporated into the design of our signature outdoor Robes. In this post, we explore the meaning of oversized, how to navigate this trend for outdoor wear and just how oversize is oversize? 

What is oversized? 

When we use the term “oversized”, it suggests roomy, cosy, bigger, slouchy, voluminous and the utmost comfort. This is why all our robes are intentionally oversized so that you can wrap up warm and have room for any extra layers to adapt to your active lifestyle in unpredictable climates. Our favourite customer feedback is “it feels like a hug.” 


Embrace the oversized trend with D-Robe


D-Robe is inspired by the changing robe but we are more than that—we are your everyday, oversized coat that is a functional and stylish outdoor wardrobe essential. The classic changing robe is undoubtedly very popular in water sports, but we believe that a technical jacket like this could be popular in so many other activities, like walking your dog in the park, spectating a sports match, keeping warm on a British summers evening when the sun goes down, countryside walks, festival weekends or even a rainy workday commute. Our Robes have a life beyond the beach, they are a unique blend of style and functionality which means you can wear them anywhere whatever the weather. 

How oversize is oversize? 

The reason behind making our Robes oversized is so that it feels like a stylish duvet—you can wrap yourself up and be shielded from the cold. Inspired by the chunky knit jumper that’s comfy enough to slouch around on the couch but trendy enough to head out at a moment’s notice. We thought, if only it was socially acceptable to take our beloved duvet with us for those cold evening hangouts, even in our so-called summer. So, we took cosy-casual to the next level, designing the ultimate stylish duvet that you’ve always needed for fire pits on the beach and late-night BBQs. Gather around everyone and snuggle up in our roomy Robes, there’s space for everyone!


Outdoor weatherproof coat that can be sized up to be a changing robe

For sports enthusiasts, land or water, D-Robe can be sized up if it’s a changing robe you desire. For quick changes, you can never go too big. Take your D-Robe from the track or the board to the streets on a city break to keep yourself dry and snug, without compromising on your style. It also means that you only need one jacket for all instances which keeps your capsule wardrobe minimal and functional, not to mention sustainable.

How to style oversize? 

Oversize is a trend you can certainly commit to as it's not only comfortable and cosy but also extremely versatile. You can go all out and go big or balance out the look with a slimmer fit elsewhere. With an oversized jacket, you can wear it over a more fitted knitted jumper with slim-fit trousers so that the coat offers the movement and oversized lines you want. Ideally, you want the items to be oversized in all the correct places so it doesn’t just look too big or scruffy, like at the shoulders and the waist. 

Something else to consider when going with an oversized fit is to go easy on colour. A neutral palette like grey, olive green and navy works best for bigger fit items. Oversized technical coats, like D-Robe, create a more flowing silhouette and are best layered with a sleek roll neck underneath with a contrasting colour, like red or beige. An oversized Robe is a staple piece for any outfit, whether you have a more active wardrobe or prefer city-chic, finish your look with big and bold accessories, like oversized sunglasses and tote bags. Less is more, just as long as it's big!


For an oversized technical coat, go for neutral colours

How to choose your D-Robe…

It’s a good idea to think about how you will use your Robe to ensure you select the best fit—from walking the dog, beer gardens on a summer evening, UK festivals, supporting your child from the sidelines to wrapping up warm after a morning surf or Christmas day wild cold-water swim. Always be prepared for anything and save room for layers that you can peel off in the summer or load on in the winter, like knitwear or chunky jumpers.

As our fleece-lined Robes are intentionally oversized, we recommend measuring your sleeve length and height to determine the best fit for you and to achieve the trendy oversized silhouette. You can find our size guide below and also under each of the Robe descriptions. 


The Beaufort Robe size guide shows you the best way to choose the right size for your robe. All of our robes are intentionally oversized—bigger than usual size—so that you can wrap up warm and have room for any extra layers to adapt to the ever changing weather.


The unique design of our outdoor Robes features velcro, adjustable sleeve straps and hood drawstrings to tailor your fit, as well as keep the warmth in when you need it most. Finished with taped seams to enhance the waterproof protection, as needle stitching leaves tiny holes in items letting water seep through if worn in wet conditions. The inside of our weatherproof and wind-resistant Robes is fitted with an irresistibly soft fleece lining made from recycled polyester that will keep you toasty and comfy, whether you’re changing underneath after a training session or bracing the coastal chill on a family walk.   

Free to be with D-Robe

Our high-performance and trendy Robes are designed for a modern lifestyle, supporting the everyday hero and adding versatility to your outerwear wardrobe. Invest in a timeless style with an ageless statement piece by embracing the oversize trend with D-Robe.