Revolutionise your Everyday Jacket with D-Robe

With the ever-changing flow of life, you shouldn't have to worry if your clothing has your back. D-Robe was born out of a necessity the need for functional outdoor clothing, where style meets performance. Our signature outdoor robes have been designed with the everyday hero in mind. From the sports enthusiast, to the loyal mum supporting her children’s football or rugby match each Sunday; to the extreme cold water swimmer; to the committed city commuter who walks to work every day, despite the rain... We’ve got your back. 


Wear your dry robe after swimming, morning surf, city commute, touchdown sports 

Why choose D-Robe as your everyday jacket?

What if we told you that you only need one jacket for all your everyday and outdoor needs? Our versatile robes were created with the aim to limit overconsumption by providing one solution for all eventualities. Instead of having a number of different jackets for a variety of occasions, we’ve designed our D-Robes to encompass the warmth of the classic quilted jacket, the style of a parka and trench coat length and fitted them with high-performance features so that style is not compromised and functionality is optimised.

We are not a changing robe. We are D-Robe. Your new everyday essential. Whatever nature throws your way, our full-length waterproof, all-season robes are equipped with fleece-lining, adjustable hood drawstrings and velcro sleeve straps, ready to keep you comfortable, even when you step out of your comfort zone. 


Style and functionality combined in this outdoor robe


We pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd because we combine style and functionality and take versatility to the next level. Take warmth where you need it most. Wear your D-Robe for a stroll in the city; a countryside ramble; taking the dog for a walk; a weekend camping trip; or even after an early morning surf. From the least extreme to the most extreme, our functional and stylish robes give you back control over your environment, so you can live life to the full. 

When you look for an all purpose jacket, sure, it must keep you warm, dry and comfortable. But with D-Robe, you can be assured that you are investing in an ageless, genderless piece that will stand the test of time for you and the whole family. 

What are our unique features?

We all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, that’s why our robes are fully waterproof, wind-resistant and crafted with a breathable outer shell, made from recycled nylon, for extra comfort. Finished with taped seams to enhance the waterproof protection, as needle stitching leaves tiny holes in items letting water seep through if worn in wet conditions. 

The inside of our outdoor robes is fitted with an irresistibly soft fleece lining made from recycled polyester. Keep your hands toasty and your necessary items dry and within reach in our waterproof, fleece-lined outer pockets.


Detachable pocket for easy wash to keep Dry Robe fresh


Our robes also feature a detachable inner pocket that can be easily removed. Let’s say you’re on a walk with your family and you wipe your child’s hands clean before a quick snack. There are no bins, where do you put your rubbish? Store it in this pocket until you get home and instead of having to wash your entire robe each time, just pop your detachable pocket into the washing machine. 

One other essential feature that makes D-Robe unique is our signature D-Ring fitted to the outer shell. You can use this to hang out your robe for quick drying after a surprise downpour or for easy storage at home. Alternatively, you can hang up your robe on the go with our longer hanging loop that holds the weight of the robe, even when drenched. 

For a personalised fit, you can easily adjust the velcro sleeve straps and hood drawstrings. Our velcro central fastening was designed for a quick close and to cover the double way zip for even more warmth and protection from the elements.  

D-Robe oversized utility jacket

What is oversized

All of our robes are intentionally oversized—bigger than usual size—so that you can wrap up warm and have room for any extra layers to adapt to the ever changing weather. Our favourite piece of feedback so far is: “It feels like a hug”, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The longer-line cut and sleek design makes our robes look just as good for a city commute as for a weekend walk in the countryside. Our utilitarian design takes inspiration from the warmth of the quilted puffer with the length of a trench coat and a modern parka look, adding unique functional features to create a stylish, everyday, utility jacket. 

We have deliberately made the fit loose for both comfort and style. To determine the right size for you, we recommend measuring your sleeve length and height and checking this against our size guide below. You can also find the size guide under each of the Robe descriptions.

Check our size guide to find the right fit for your dry robe

D-Robe and sustainability

Our mission is to protect you and the environment. Our signature robes have been consciously crafted with GRS certified recycled materials for our outer shell and inner lining. We use packaging that is fully recyclable, plastic-free and made entirely in the UK. We support the slow fashion movement, which promotes the production of clothes with trendless designs and premium, long-lasting quality, where the design and creation process takes into consideration all aspects of the supply chain. 

At D-Robe, we focus on how we can all create a streamlined capsule wardrobe at home. The most sustainable thing we can do is to wear all the clothing in our wardrobe. This is why we have designed multi-functional, ageless, comfortable yet effortlessly trendy robes that we know our customers will want to reach for in their everyday lives, time after time. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our brand and we strive to make conscious and meaningful decisions about who we work with and the fabrics we choose to do our best to respect both the consumer and the planet.


Be free to be with D-Robe's stylish and functional outdoor robes 

Free to be with D-Robe

Our high-performance and stylish robes, designed for a modern lifestyle, will add a timeless versatility to your outerwear wardrobe. We hope they will soon become your favourite everyday jacket and you’ll begin to wonder what you ever did without one!