How to wear D-Robe in the Summer

The Met Office may be predicting a scorcher of a summer this year, however, as we all know, our British weather can get a little seasonally confused at times with heavy downpours and thunderstorms also forecast. In summary, you can expect to be drenched one day and burned to a crisp the next. So what do you wear for such temperamental weather and how do you navigate all of its mood swings?  

In this blog, we share with you how to wear D-Robe all summer long, so you can be outdoors, day and night, and be ready whatever the weather. 


Wear our long-line robes post swim or after a morning surf. It's an indispensable item for any capsule wardrobe and the perfect addition to your cold water swimming gear. This full-length waterproof coat is made from recycled material with a fleece-lining and adjustable hood.


Go Seasonless


D-Robe was consciously crafted to be a multi-functional and seasonless addition to any sustainable wardrobe. The design of our full-length, waterproof, all-season robes is timelessly relevant and genderless, so you can look good in your outdoor robe for years to come and can be worn anytime, anywhere.

This summer, you can take D-Robe with you on a wild camping trip with friends; cosying up around a fire pit; after-work drinks in a beer garden on a cool summer evening; wrap up warm after an early morning surf, or hoods up when you get caught in an unexpected torrential downpour on a dog walk in the Lake District. We all know our British summers are not all about sunny days and balmy nights, so make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities. 


Always make room for one essential item when you pack for a UK Festival—a warm and fully waterproof jacket

Muddy trails at Glastonbury Festival
Image: @glastofeedfest


Summer Festivals in the UK


Words that are synonymous with UK summer festivals have got to include rain, mud, cold and wet. Packing for a UK festival in the summer must be one of the most challenging acts of the season. How do you prepare for horizontal rain, frosty mornings, scorching afternoons, getting stuck in the mud, or sliding down treacherous hillsides? Sound familiar? We’ve all experienced a festival this way and have been completely underprepared. 

One of our best tips for packing for a UK Festival is don’t overpack. Plan your outfits in advance and always make room for one essential item—a warm and fully waterproof jacket. Even if it stays in your tent and doubles up as a pillow or picnic blanket if the sun shines down all weekend! No one likes to feel like a wet dog shivering in their soggy woolly jumper when it does downpour. Our outdoor robes are fully waterproof, wind-resistant and crafted with a breathable outer shell, made from recycled nylon. They are equipped with an abundance of handy pockets too, so you can carry all of your festival essentials, like dry shampoo, sunglasses and sun cream. You can even detach the inner pocket which can be washed after storing an array of festival treats, so you can keep your robe fresh post-partying. 

 Get festival ready with D-Robe's outdoor, waterproof all-purpose jacket


One of our favourite British festivals is fast approaching and although Glastonbury doesn’t have the best track record for dry weather when that sun finally bursts through the clouds, it is a glorious sensation. I think we’re all excited to dance like no one is watching to disco legend, Diana Ross, and wander off the beaten track to find secret stages and surprise performances. When the sun goes down, grab your D-Robe and head out to the late-night areas, knowing you won’t have to cut the night short because of that inevitable evening chill. If the heavens do eventually open on Worthy Farm, stay warm and totally dry with our personalised fit drawstring hood and velcro central fastening, designed for a quick close and to cover the double way zip. 


Taking the family with you to Glastonbury? Our junior robes give parents one less thing to worry about and the oversized fit means that your little ones can get the most out of their durable, waterproof, wind-resistant robes for years of festivals to come! 


Get out on the water this summer


Wrap up warm before and after your surf at Boardmasters Festival with our fleece-lined changing robes

 Boardmasters Festival, Newquay
Image: @boardmasters


This summer, we’ll also be heading to the world-famous home of British surfing, Fistral Beach, for the Boardmasters Festival in Newquay. The iconic combination of pro-surf competitions and live music by Kings of Leon and Disclosure overlooking the Atlantic swells as they hit Fistral Beach is our idea of festival heaven. Not a pro? No worries! The consistent waves and fantastic variety of beaches nearby make Newquay one of the best places to practise surfing in the UK, even for beginners. Just make sure you warm up before and after your surf with our fleece-lined changing robes, it will feel like a hug after being out in the water, which is a chilly 17°C in August.

As far away from Cornwall as you can go in England, another great surf spot this summer is the lesser-ventured Northumberland coast. With over one hundred miles of totally untouched beach and a much smaller tourist market, you can surf here without the risk of anyone taking your wave. Be sure to ask one of the friendly locals for any secret surfer’s paradise and you’ll be guaranteed to catch some good waves with iconic backdrops of crumbling castle ruins and charming lighthouses. To have the remote beaches to yourself does come with a small price, and that is an average 15°C water temperature. Have your D-Robe at the ready post-surf for a quick and cosy change.


Watersports enthusiasts wearing their D-Robe

D-Robers wearing their changing robes out on the water after an array of watersports

So far this summer, we’ve seen Olympic rowers, wild swimmers, paddle boarders, and even wake boarders turning to D-Robe for a post-water snuggle, as our inner fleece lining, made from 100% recycled materials, keeps you warm and dry quickly. D-Robe is fast becoming an indispensable item for water sports enthusiasts and is an essential piece of equipment that not only increases performance but the experience, all year round.  

Summer is the season of picnics and beer gardens


If you’re staying closer to home this summer and enjoying the parks and beer gardens for after-work fun, let D-Robe accompany you for those cooler summer evenings. August evenings can get as cool as 12°C in the UK, why not beat the evening chill and take your D-Robe with you so you can hang out with friends long into the evening, without having to worry about bringing so many layers. 


Beer garden and fire pit season, wrap up warm on cool summer nights with D-Robe Beer garden and fire pit season
Image: @thetrinityarms

It wasn’t our initial intention in the design process, but over time we have noticed that our oversized robes also work perfectly sprawled out on the grass or over rocks to sit on for picnics. We really meant it when we said our robes are multi-functional! 

Free to be with D-Robe

Whatever our seasonally confused climate throws your way this summer, stay stylish, comfortable and dry with D-Robe. Our high-performance and trendy outdoor robes are designed for a modern and active lifestyle and will add a timeless versatility to your outerwear wardrobe, year-round. 

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