Life is better with dogs!

Today being World Animal Day is just our alibi to write one more post about our 4-legged family members. And, since science supports our love and affection for dogs, let’s review some reasons why life is better with dogs.

Less stress

Researchers found that when playing, or even petting a dog, it reduces the stress hormones in our body. Our heart rate lowers, our breathing slows down, and, literally, our heart feels better when around dogs.

True Happiness

Dogs make us happy - every single dog owner knows that! A study found that our level of oxytocin (a hormone associated with love, connection and trust) rises even by looking at a dog. Plus, living with a dog is like living inside a cartoon movie, since they make you laugh ALL THE TIME. And, again, it’s not only us that support this, we also have scientific proof: people living with pets are in less danger than non-pet owners of getting depressed.

Less couch, more outs

When your dog demands three walks per day, you cannot say no - this is a universal rule. So, you have to get off the couch/ leave your phone aside/ turn off the laptop and go out, keeping you physically active. They say that dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes per week, while non-dog owners walk an average of 168 minutes a week. Out in nature, or around the block, it doesn’t matter: both your body and your dog are happy.

They make you social - the real way

Think of yourself walking alone around the neighbourhood. What are the chances that you will stop and talk to people (come on, be honest)? Now, think again, but this time add your dog to the picture. Aren’t the chances for social interactions significantly higher? This is how your dog makes you more social, in the real sense of talking to people physically. Although, truth be told, dog images on Instagram will probably get more likes than anything else.

They make you more attractive

Singles out there probably already know that dogs are like magnets, they attract attention to themselves and their human friends. A study in the UK found that 60% of the respondents admitted that seeing a person with a dog can make a person seem more attractive; and, a stunning 85% said that people seem more approachable when they’re with a dog.


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