Foraging along the Thames with D-Robe


Sustainably made Beaufort Robes displayed on a clothing rail on a boat


 Last week, we hosted the highly anticipated Part II of our beloved Foraging event. After receiving exceptional feedback from the participants in our initial event held in early March, we felt compelled to organise another round, taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather.

Gemma from Earth Wild showing D-Robe guests how to identify edible plants

Our esteemed guests were treated to an enchanting afternoon foraging adventure led by the renowned Forager & Ethnobotanist, Gemma from Earth Wild, along the captivating river Thames foreshores and grasslands.

An Education: Tidal freshwater zones (TFZs) and creating an ecosystem to minimise the burden on the earth

This experience aimed to educate participants about the captivating interplay between the tidal and freshwater Thames, showcasing the remarkable potential of transforming the abundant wild plants and trees into sustainable fabrics and delectable culinary delights. This event perfectly aligned with our commitment to promoting sustainable slow fashion, allowing guests the opportunity to try on our Beautiful timeless Beaufort Robes and Rucksacks made from recycled materials, designed to minimise the burden on you and mother earth.
Our guests tried-on and loved the Beaufort Robes sustainably made by D-Robe
During this excursion, our guests had the privilege of immersing themselves in the thriving biodiversity surrounding the river Thames. They gained profound insights into the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tides, which nurture and sustain unique ecosystems. Gemma from Earth Wild, our esteemed host, generously shared her extensive knowledge about the diverse array of plant life that flourishes along the foreshores and grasslands.

Small steps towards a sustainable lifestyle 

What made this foraging experience truly exceptional was its hands-on nature. Participants discovered the ethical and sustainable methods of harvesting various wild plants and trees, unlocking their culinary potential. Our guests were treated to tantalising teas and delectable treats skillfully prepared by Gemma, incorporating the foraged ingredients. This culinary exploration showcased the delightful possibilities of utilising wild resources and emphasised the importance of adopting a more sustainable approach to food consumption, serving as a promising steppingstone towards a consciously sustainable lifestyle.
Our guests fitted on Beaufort Robe sustainably made by D-Robe
The press day experience provided our guests with a truly extraordinary couple of hours, allowing them to immerse themselves in the inspiring beauty of the river Thames. It offered valuable insights into the sustainable potential of wild plants and trees. Gemma expertly highlighted the intricate connections between nature, fashion, and gastronomy, inspiring participants to embrace a more conscious and eco-friendlier lifestyle.
Image of the midnight black roll-top rucksack, crafted from TPU - a durable, waterproof, recyclable and biodegradable material.